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Business features that enable your company to share and collaborate efficiently

No disaster recovery plan? Is finding and sharing information is difficult or near impossible? With Griddrive Business we give you a suite of powerful tools to improve efficiency and productivity, thus improving your bottom line. Robust set of business features. Share files and collaborate with co-workers or even customers and vendors, seamlessly. Backup all of your data to the cloud for added security and disaster recovery. Also backup external storage devices like NAS or USB.*

Cloud Backup

A simple solution. Capital investment in sophisticated hardware is no longer required. No resource expense to set up IT staff to manage and maintain your infrastructure. You focus on your business while we keep your data safe and secure and available to you at all times from anywhere. Just install the Griddrive desktop software on every computer and simply mark each file or folder you want to back up. It’s that simple. Your administrator can see all of the computers and files that are backed up using your own personal branded administration portal. Our plans start at 1 TB, so even if the smallest of small business, has plenty of storage.


Its like a turbo-charged file server. We call it Briefcase. See the same files on all your office computers. Work on the same files as your colleagues. See who changed what. We maintain up to 30 versions so you can revert back to an older version if needed. Accidentally deleted a file? No worries, we even retain deleted files up to 30 days, so you can retrieve that file very easily. Give every employee their own private space. Create Team Folders that groups of employees can access & work together. You get your own branded administration portal to manage all your users. Add, delete, allocate space, etc for each user as needed.


Keep all of your files synced between all of your computers. No need to email files to each other. Access private company or public folders securely from anywhere. You can even edit your file from a different computer or online using the browser. Free yourself from being chained to your desktop. Each computer appears on the cloud as a separate folder/icon, so you know what file is located on what computer and whom it belongs.


Full FTP, SFTP and WebDAV access to everything on your Griddrive cloud storage. Everything you need to setup your own FTP server in a fraction of the time of a traditional server and with dozens of extra features. Easily FTP your files to your storage account to share or access them from anywhere. Each team member can FTP their own files to their own allocated folder. Granular permission levels allow you to control file and folder access.

Management Dashboard

  • Your own branded Company Portal
  • Set up individual permissions for every user
  • Turn on & off features as needed

Personalized Sharing Portal

  • Share files anywhere with anyone
  • Apps – IOS, Android, Windows 8
  • Access & edit files online

File Management

  • Sync files between all computers
  • No size or bandwidth limitation
  • FTP. SFTP. Webdav

Media Streaming

  • Catalog all of your audio files
  • Stream your audio or video presentations
  • Give each user their own private space



* Additional charges will apply.

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