Consumer Features

Powerful business grade features for your home

Powerful business grade features for your home.

One or multiple computers? we have you & your family covered.


Simple and easy to use. Set up is just a matter of minutes. You can now backup one or multiple computers for unlimited storage. Powerful business grade features for the consumer. Depending upon the plan you choose, you get up to unlimited storage that allows you to back up all of your computers. Files are even synced between computers so you have access to all of the files no matter where you are. You can also backup external storage devices like NAS or USB .*


Want to share files with friends or family members? Do you have a business from your home? The Briefcase plan allows you to share all files in your Briefcase folder. Share photos or video between family members. It creates a virtual drive on your computer that acts as a separate hard disk. Just drag and drop files into it and it syncs with the cloud automatically. We even create versions of your file, so you can retrieve an older version if needed.


  • Unlimited files
  • Unlimited Computers
  • No Bandwidth or Size limitation


  • Copy & Sync files
  • No Size or Bandwidth limitation
  • Share files with anyone


  • IOS – iPhone & iPad
  • Android – Phone & Tablet
  • Windows 8
  • Desktop – Windows & Mac

Media Streaming

  • Stream Music & Video
  • All music files cataloged
  • No Bandwidth limitations
  • Stream to mobile devices

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* Additional charges will apply.

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