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Log into your Portal

Now that you have signed up, the first step is log into your personal portal. Use the name you provided during the sign up process – Then download the software – Windows or Mac, as needed. Install the software following the steps during the installation process to set up your backup folders. Once installed, you can manage all backup settings from within the software.

If you signed up for the Briefcase, or the Pro Suite account, then you will notice a drive letter created on your computer. This is your ‘Briefcase’ folder and it shows all of your files in the cloud. Simply drag and drop files to this folder and it will be automatically loaded to the cloud Briefcase folder. Or just right click on the file and simply choose if you want to back up the file or copy it to your briefcase.

Download the Mobile Apps

Click on the appropriate button below to see mobile apps. You will need to download your app from the app store using your iPhone or Android. The mobile apps are iPhone, iPad compatible for Apple IOS and Android and Tablet compatible for Android phones.

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