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Media Streaming – Music or Video

It looks & sounds just awesome on smartphones, tablets and personal computers.


Have a large music collection? Is it stored all over the place? Save all your music in one place – the cloud. We give you plenty of space. Our lowest plan provides 500 GB of space. That’s enough for¬†about 170,000 songs. Want to catalog your music? Choose the briefcase plan. Upload your music to your briefcase and we will even catalog it for you, by artist, album, year and genre. For just $ 30 more, get the Pro Suite plan provides unlimited backup storage plus 500 GB of Briefcase storage.


Do you like to watch a lot of movies? You have a large library of movies or family videos? Just back them up to the cloud and then watch them on your mobile device or tablet. The lowest plan offers you 500 GB of space. That’s enough to store about 725 videos (700 MB each). Choose the Briefcase plan and you can share those family videos with your friends and family. Share business videos or presentation with co-workers or customers. The possibilities are endless.

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