Use Cases

Find out all you can do with your service

1 Back Up all of your computers and access files from anywhere. View and edit files on line.

2 Share your files with friends, co-workers, vendors or Customers. Collaborate on files and improve productivity and effeciency.

3 On the go? Listen to your music collection or just watch a movie on your mobile device or tablet.

4 Have a website or Portal hosted? Just FTP your data to Griddrive. Don’t pay extra to your hosting provider to maintain your backup.

5 Sync all of your working folders, to your Briefcase account. Working on a presentation and had to rush to a meeting, but forgot to bring your file. No worries. Your file was automatically synced. Just download it at the client site.

6 Want to show a marketing video to your customers? Just stream the video directly from Griddrive using your laptop or Tablet. Then after the meeting, log in and share the file with everyone.

7 Deleted your file? No worries we keep you files for 30 days so you can retrieve it easily. We even maintain multiple versions so you can revert back to an older version.

8 Have multiple offices? Don’t email files back and forth. Install our software in all machines and all of them will be synced. You can view any file from any computer no matter where you are.

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